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The Career Club ,which was founded by Mr. Ramazan KANDEMIR , the founder president of the club ,at IstanbulTechnical Universty’s construction in 2005-2006 education year,start edits working life with Career Days which would be came annual soon .the club took as a principle that being a club which the member of it work in everyposition of its activities ,not want to make profit ,wholly students do all the activities voluntarily in a hierarchy.
The Career Club has had priciples of some clear aims .the students have to be connection with firms from 1st class because of theMaritime trainings that Maritime Faculty students have to complete (Deck:12 mounths, Machine: 6 mounths) at the necessities have taken some positive and negative conditions together .
The connection with maritime firms from 1st class of young officer and engineer candidates ,who has joined to maritime comminity ,helps them tolearnt his segment well and to experience proffesional working life early .
Today , not finding a firm or a ship for training as an unsolved problem effects the students negatively . In this point , Career Club tries to solve this problem by helping students to learn the firms well and giving the students more information about the firms and ships ,that they want to work . At this occasion ,Career Club  has been continuing its studies with the aim of to solve the lack of connection between students and firms , to make connection more strong ,to make a platform  for firms that they can present their mission and vision at Maritime Faculty , in addition to prepare seminaries about daily subjects with the leader people and firms of this segment. On the other hand ,Career Club helps students to take information from the authorities about maritime segment is not only working only at ships but also has possibilties of working on land .
Everytime ,ITU Maritime Faculty Career Club takes the responsibility of being a compass for its brothers as a prior duty with its name , its self management construction ,its working order inside of the club, values and aims that it has owned.With the direction of this aim , the club’s duty is preparing a suitable platform to make connection between firstly its members ,other students and business world ,to give students working discipline before being an officer ,even before starting the training .
Career Days ,which are prepared by Career Club twice a year ,are the most extentive activities of the club . With the frame of Career Days ,important names of the segment and students came together , and students ask question that they are anxious about and they take help about how they can look the segment . In addition ,firm authorities think that Career Club is adressed at the time of the invitation to our school or when they came to our school, as a result of this situatio nthe sense of trust be comes between firms and students under the construction of Maritime Faculty ,Career Club has shown hospitality to important names from national and international firms since 2006.
Despite its young age , The Career Club which has the principle of working professionally , has had 900 members sÄ°nce 2006. In 2014-2015 education year. The club which has 25 active members with the leadership of Mr. Mehmet Emre YILMAZ , takes its power firstly from its members ,and it feels the spport of its brothers and graduated elder brothers every time .

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