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2017-2018 Term

Our guests in 2017-2018 term;

 Şener Shipping
 Beşiktaş Group
 Omikron Crew Management
 ARKAS Holding
 YA-SA Shipping
 Türkon Holding
 Karadeniz Holding
 İnce Shipping
 Zenith Ship Management
 MEDLOG Shipping
 Ditaş Shipping
 Active Shipping
 Lucent Crew Manning
 Düzgit Shipping

Our guest in 2015-2016 term;

Türk P&L
Uz Makina
Turkish Lloyd
Gemi Brokerları Derneği
Barbaros Mariners Association
Maersk Line
Polaris Shipping
Beşiktaş Group
Arkas Holding
Zenith Ship Management
Ditaş Shipping
Şener Holding
İnce Shipping
TGM Shipping

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