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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tug Collides With Hoegh Osaka

Hoegh Osaka remains at anchor on the Alpha Anchorage.
On 10th January, weather conditions prevented any activity on the vessel other than to connect the third tug.
Unfortunately, during the afternoon, one of the two tugs already in place moved from her position and collided with the Hoegh Osaka. There were no injuries to personnel, but the tug received some damage and it was replaced by another tug. No pollution occurred during this incident.
Hoegh Osaka

The main concern at the moment is the weather and the forecast for continuing high winds in the coming week. Plans are being refined to meet the challenges this presents.
In particular, the salvors now intend to start ballasting work before pumping the 3000t of water out of the vessel. They have managed to board the ship today and will ensure the pump is working, but they will also look at the ballast system.
We will issue a further update on 12th January.

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