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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Seafarers now have access to an online map showing real-time maritime incidents, casualties and threats to shipping worldwide.
The Google-based interactive map is a collaborative effort by marine insurers North P&I Club and specialist maritime intelligence, investigation and risk management company Gray Page.
The map is divided into three interactive headings — Current Maritime Incidents, Enduring Maritime Risks and Listed Areas — and can be found on both the North P&I Club Maritime alerts page and the Gray Page Threat picture section.
North joint managing director Alan Wilson said: ‘The new maritime threats and incidents picture is the latest stage of our collaborative relationship with Gray Page, which started in 2011 with the launch of our vetting service for armed maritime security providers. This tool enables our members to respond quickly and immediately to current incidents.’
Gray Page first developed and launched the maritime threats and incidents picture back in 2013, and last year North and Gray Page began ‘jointly collecting intelligence on the “enduring risks” facing shipping for the purposes of populating the database’, said head of intelligence at Gray Page Jim Mainstone.
Current commercial risks are highlighted and analysed — including information about fraud, sanctions, cargo risk, corruption and trafficking information. Physical threats to ships and seafarers listed include piracy, kidnap for ransom, armed robbery and hijack for cargo theft. The danger areas outlined are based on the current UK Joint War Committee listed areas for war, piracy, terrorism and other hull perils.
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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