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Thursday, 27 November 2014


The 19th Annual Career Days which have been being organized by the Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty Career Club hosted Zenith Ship Management today. Zenith Ship Management was represented by the personel manager Barış Ziya KAYA and inspector Mehmet ÖNEN.

In the conference, our guests who talked about various subjects associated with the company said they are a wholly owned affiliate and they work together with Scorpio Group, one of the world's leading shipping companies. As well as this, they also told that customs which belonged to Dünya Shipping haven't changed. They also expressed they manage 13 ships and they are going to manage one more ship in December, 2014 and 6 new ships in June, 2015. Barış Ziya Kaya emphasised opportunities about ship training is always available for students studying in maritime faculties.

After the conference, representatives and students joined the cocktail party, where they had opportunities to ask their own questions about Zenith Ship Management.

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