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Thursday, 27 November 2014

19th Annual Career Days of Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty Hosted Geden Lines

19th Annual Career Days, organized by İstanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty Career Club, hosted Geden Lines  today.In 1975,Geden Lines which was established for marine industry,charter and agency servises,have  fleet which consist of bulk carriers and tankers.The Company has based on Çukurova Holding since its founding.

Geden Lines was represented by Personnel Managers Kadir ÖZKAN,Şükrü DİLEK, and Fatih TÜRKER..Firstly,Company officials  staged an interview for some of the cadets. After that, Mr.ÖZKAN, Mr.DİLEK and Mr.TÜRKER who started the conferance ,gave information about the company and  answered students' questions which about the company and training on board. Company officials who gave information about the deficiencies in the maritime education and the sector , finished the conversation. After the conference, representatives Mr. ÖZKAN, Mr.DİLEK and Mr.TÜRKER who wrote their opinions for the Career Club of ITU Maritime Faculty on the  journal ,left the campus with their best wishes..

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